Southwest Western Dressage
 "Bridging the gap"
Now serving CA, NV, AZ, UT
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What is Western Dressage?

Welcome to Western Dressage in the Southwest. We are excited to have you with us while we grow.  Though western dressage is a new discipline , it is actually something that many riders have been practicing individually for a long time. Many professional horsemen and women already start their horses with classical riding. That is part of the excitement of this whole movement and being able to share the principles of Western Dressage and take our horsemanship through the levels. 

Western Dressage is defined as using classical dressage concepts and principles to train and develop the western rider and horse. The goal, specifically, is to develop cadence, balance, relaxation and the acceptance of the aids through the tried and true methods of classical dressage. Western Dressage is not to build a dressage horse, nor put a western saddle on a dressage horse. It is merely the means by which we improve the stock horse and develop a well-rounded, disciplined horse regardless of its breed.

The important thing to remember about classical dressage is that the classical principles are not arrived at as a matter of ‘taste’ or ‘personal opinion’. They are derived from the laws of balance and horsemanship with a clear objective in mind. It has been said that Dressage is good for all breeds and disciplines. When we combine Western Horsemanship principles and Classical training to ride our horses, we develop a well rounded and balanced partnership. We build a brave, well broke horse.

This is an all inclusive discipline. Our vision is to help ALL horses to develop and to provide progressive, methodical, training and valuable feedback for the Western Dressage Rider. 

This discipline will create the optimal partnership between horse and rider. So whether you want to ride in competition or schooling shows or just improve your relationship with your horse for ANY discipline, Western Dressage will prove to be the big bridge that gaps the chasm between our beloved Western traditions and English propriety. 
  • Western Dressage can be done by every horse regardless of breed, color, sex, size, talent, or level of training. 
  • It requires no special equipment or a lot of money
  • Western Dressage builds confidence and will help you become a better rider
  • Western Dressage will help your horse improve at other disciplines