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We Offer Two Formats of Clinics

1) "Western Style Clinics"

In most typical western style clinics, it is customary to see 5-10 riders participating, helping, and watching other riders work through exercises in a group setting.

There are 6 types of group lesson we offer:

  1. Applying basic Dressage concepts. This includes developing harmony through riding and relaxation exercises. We will practice the test requirements such as 20 meter circles, riding the corners, walk/trot transitions, straightness and your halt. This clinic will prepare you to ride your first tests.
  2. Lateral movements. We will teach you how to  leg-yield, half-pass, haunches in and  shoulders-in. You will develop your feel for harmony and control in the movements. Learn the reasons why you need these movements for engagement, athleticism and partnership.
  3. Loping. We will work on walking lead departures, standing departures, flying lead changes, lateral tools, and speed control. Loping is where we really test our 'handle' on our horse and demonstrate control. It is the ultimate in building trust with your horse. This is an advanced clinic for your horse so conditioning is important.
  4. Advancing to the Curb bit.  This clinic is focused on transitioning from the snaffle to the curb to prepare for one handed riding. Do you already have a good 'handle' on your horse and are ready for the next step? This is the ultimate test for a 'bridle horse'.

"Group Lesson"

  1. Obstacle and bravery training. Just a nice supplemental way for working on your partnership. Includes trailer-loading, clipping and all that scary stuff our horses need extra encouragement to overcome.
  2. Ground work (in hand). We work on different types of ground work for advanced leading, manners and  lunge work. Perfect class for schooling both the 'old rogues' AND the 'young horse'. 

2) "Western Dressage Style Clinic"

 This is by far the most popular clinic forum.  The morning is devoted to 30 minute individual lessons, followed by a group lesson in the afternoon. 

  • Classical Dressage principles are offered, but the morning will be dedicated to one-on-one lessons to focus on the needs of each rider. 
  • Afternoons are in the group.
  • Additional lesson are available at clinic's end.
  • Western Dressage clinics are available for one day, two day or three day.

Hosting a Clinic

If you are interested in hosting a clinic you will need to:

  • provide the facility and at least 5 riders. 
  • We can provide the collaboration, facilitating, contracts, sound system and back-stage help
  • You just need to provide the riders and the facility. 
  • You will ride free. 

If you want us to take care of these details we can. We will arrange:

  • clinician, 
  • facility, 
  • sound system,
  • back-stage help
  • hosting for private treaty. 
  • Our list of resources for clinicians is a great way to start shopping for your ultimate clinic experience.

Semi Private individual lessons.

Above is a rider working on 20m suppling circles during an individual clinic lesson.

Our Mission is to provide quality educational resources that will provide riders with their best value and excellent education. 

If your heart's desire  is to promote a particular trainer/clinician then we will certainly look at all 'new talent' and would love to make additions to our resource list. Clinicians must be insured, will provide a bond for the clinic and be pre-screened.